What is Threeple

Your Threeple profile replaces your CV, but it’s nothing like the CV as you know it. It’s completely reimagined.

What Next

Secure your unique Threeple profile. It’s free.

Our vision

Your CV, reimagined

Everyone’s journey is different, uniquely theirs. But not their CV; they are all the same.

While everything else in your working life got the innovation make over, the CV was forgotten. It’s been left behind.

You don’t like writing it and no-one likes reading it. You don’t trust theirs and they don’t trust yours. And every time you go for a job...well...you go and write it again. It’s a burden.

But we believe it doesn’t have to be that way. We see the opportunity for something special.

Your CV should be dynamic, evolving with you as you evolve and grow. It should be a tool that you use to be better at what you do, to build new skills and discover new opportunities. It should be a celebration of your journey and all the strengths, qualities and experiences you collect along the way.

We believe it could be this and so much more. It just needs fresh thinking. So we’re reimagining the CV, and building it again...from the ground up.

And the person we’re building it for is you. The story it tells is uniquely yours.

Build your reputation

Your Threeple profile replaces your CV or resume. It uses trusted feedback and recommendations to showcase your unique strengths, qualities and experience.

Everyone checks references before offering someone a job. Threeple super charges your reputation with trusted referrals for the things that employers value most.

Improve with feedback

Take charge of your own professional development with Threeple feedback. Feedback is critical to building greater self-awareness of your strengths, growth areas and the things that you need to work on.

So get on the front foot and use Threeple to be better at what you do, develop new strengths and prepare for your next opportunity.

Take it with you

Threeple data is dynamic. It grows as you grow. No more writing and re-writing your CV. No more chopping and changing between HR tools to get the feedback you need to improve.

Take Threeple with you from one role to the next to ensure you’re always getting valuable feedback and to build one continuous and evolving source of insight about your strengths.


Who owns the data and will you ever sell it?

A driving principle at Threeple is that your data is just that, yours. We will never sell your data to a third party. Check out our data ownership and privacy policy for more.

Do I have to pay?

Your basic Threeple profile is free. You can create your profile, download it as a PDF, share a link to it, use our feedback tools to grow and improve. It’s for free. How you ask? Well, down the track we’ll charge businesses to use Threeple for posting jobs, conducting team feedback and more.

Are the recommendations I receive public?

That’s up to you and the people recommending you. We don’t make the decision for you, it’s something you control with your network. If you want to publish recommendations on your profile and the people recommending you are happy for that to be public, then it will be.

When will you launch?

We’re aiming to launch in early October 2020.

How do I get an invite code?

When a new user registers they receive an invite code that they can share with people in their network. Each invite code is good for 10 registrations. So start by asking your network if anyone has registered and has a code you can use.

Why do I need an invite code?

It’s how we’re controlling demand early on. Because we’re offering the opportunity to secure a profile name, we don’t want a rush of people rent seeking on profile names. That wouldn’t be fair.

Can I get more invite codes to share?

So long as you’re already registered and all 10 invites are registered against your invite code you can request another code to share. Drop us a request at hello@threeple.com.

Is my profile public?

Threeple is part social network, part CV builder and part personal development tool. So that means that some of your profile will always be discoverable and some of your profile will always be private. You will always have control over what data is presented in a public profile.

Can I see who has viewed my profile?

Not initially, but it is a feature that is coming.

Can I download my profile or share a link to it?

Yes. You’ll be able to download a PDF of your profile or share a link to it.

Can I register any profile name?

The short answer is yes. It’s your profile so you choose. There is a caveat though. We review user names and will block any that include profanities or inappropriate language. We also block a library of names that reference terms that are important for us from a systems and operational perspective.