About Threeple...

We built Threeple because we want to give you a better way of storing and discovering the recommendations you get from your friends.

If you're anything like us then you're always swapping recommendations with friends for shows to watch on Netflix, good books to read or bands to listen to.

Like us you've probably been doing this over WhatsApp, Slack, SMS, social media or in conversations. The problem is you can't easily organize information this way and so you tend to forget or lose the recommendations you do receive.

Threeple gives you a much better way of organizing recommendations. You simply create a list on a topic (eg Netflix Shows) and invite friends to contribute their recommendations to the list. The next time you're wondering what to watch next, just go to your Netflix list in Threeple and see what your friends have recommended.

It's also designed to reflect the way your relationships work in the real world.

Now this is important because in reality you might trust one friend's opinion for movies but have very different taste in books. With Threeple you can follow your friend's recommendations for movies, but not for books.

For now we're developing Threeple in beta. What this means is that while you're using the app we're working hard to make it as good as it can be and to deliver new features based on the feedback we get from our community of users.

James Baird - Threeple CEO
Benjamin Tehan - Threeple CTO