Articles from the Threeple team


3 tips to ensure your company values are being lived

The best companies understand the importance of establishing a clear set of values for their people

Team feedback that works


Implementing a team feedback system that works

If you’re managing a team that doesn’t feel comfortable giving and receiving feedback you’re not alone.


Decisiveness vs. Good Communication

There are a lot of skills important for effective leadership, but no one is good at everything, so there will always be trade offs.


The missing insights about your people and teams

Data about your people and their strengths is critically important to your business' culture, staff engagement and ultimately your bottom line.


Removing recency bias with continuous feedback

We all have good weeks and bad weeks. Depending on what's going on, we might have a bad month.


Optimise performance through iteration

If you’re doing an awesome job? You’ll hear about it. Go you.