Decisiveness vs. Good Communication

There are a lot of skills important for effective leadership, but no one is good at everything, so there will always be trade offs.

The upshot is that if you’re wanting to develop as a leader or position for a promotion into a leadership role, it’s important to know what skills to focus on.

So to help you do that we thought we’d ask our LinkedIn audience what leadership strengths they value most and why.

Decisive vs. good communication

In this example we take a look at decisiveness vs. good communication. 

Decisive leaders are able to make decisions effectively and quickly, often with incomplete information.

Leaders with good communication skills are able to clearly and succinctly communicate strategy and purpose to the team.

Both are strengths you would want in a leader, but when faced with a choice between one or the other, there is a clear stand out.

60% of our audience said they valued leaders with communication skills with only 28% preferring a leader that was decisive. The rest were sitting on the fence.

So it is pretty clear that current and prospective leaders need to work on communication.

Capturing regular and feedback from people you work with is a great starting point.

Here’s what some of them said

“Making quick decisions is about management, not leadership. By communicating effectively with your team you get broader inputs to solve problems as well as bringing the team with you when the big decisions are made.” - Mark Pope, Executive Mentor

“Communicating effectively when you are a leader is what great leadership is all about. Someone else can be decisive. But communication is about relationships.  And when you are leading people, relationships matter. Poor communication ruins culture so much more quickly than decisiveness and once culture is ruined, it’s hard to turn that around.” - Brooks E. Scott, Culture Curator and Executive Coach

“Hands down communication. The fact you can make effective decisions won't mean much at all if you can't communicate them effectively to your team. To be a leader in the true sense of the word you must have followers. People won't follow you if you can't communicate your decisions well!” - Leah Mether, Soft Skills Expert